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Welcome to the Kickstagram Partner Program

Welcome to Kickstagram.  

Our mission is to create valuable relationships between brands and their ideal customers through Instagram.  

We try to make it as easy as possible, too.  

Speaking of easy, we wanna make you some easy money.  

Thats why for every new signup you refer to us, we will give you a super generous 25% (~$37.50 on a $149 monthly sign up) recurring comission every month...for inifiniti, as long as the person you reffered is still a client.  

Your success is our success so any content you need or questions you may have, just let me know directly and I will get you what you whatever you and your audience may need.  

Here is a link to my calendar too if you ever want to chat or offer some input: www.calendly.com/ronan1


Ronan Galvin

Co-Founder of Kickstagram

Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission Recurrence
Kickstagram partner program Percentage 25% Monthly

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